Lady in red

I am a good bit partial to a lady in red so when I found the first AI engine that I could use for free. It was naturally part of the key words that I used. For the most part the way these things work is you fill in a form of text. Then once done you hit run or start or what ever the button is called.  From time to time it will almost instantly pop up an image. And some times those images are pretty good. But normally you need to run it a number of times to get a better image. However with the free ones the images change each time. Normally.

In my photos below, the Lady in red was actually the same keywords used over and over. And it basically spit out the same girl a number of times. I was quite surprised. Take a close look at the images below and see if you see the mistakes or errors. Yes they are there but sometimes you need to look close. Other times they are very obvious. Check out our Lady in red and let me know what you think! Rate the images as well.

And just to be clear. Not all posts will have more than 1 image!

Lady in red

Red dress

Red heels


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