Red Heels

As I have said I am a fan of the color red on women. I am also a fan of High Heels on women. So a woman with Red heels. Well that’s damn near perfect for me. But in this case the AI porn went a little off the rails. In case you had not noticed it because of the blonde hair and pretty face. Or maybe because of the big tits and bald pussy. She seems to have an extra high heel. And I did not eve know they sold them in three. Ha. Just freaking kidding.

Once again working with the AI I put in all the correct keywords and I got a very realistic look top the girl. She almost looks like a woman you might meet on the street. But once you can rip your eyes off those big tits and look down between her thick and juicy thighs. You might notice she has either three feet or well I dont know. Something went wrong. But she is still pretty damn hot. And I wonder how people would react to a woman like her in real life.

Personally I would throw her down on the bed play and suck on this big tits and lick that shaved pussy until she had an orgasm. But I would NOT take her shoe shopping! Heheh Red heels are just too expensive by three rather than two!

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Red Heels

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