Sexmas girl?

For some reason this image makes me thing of Xmas. Or in this case, SexMas girl. Just take a look at the over all image first and tell me if you get that feeling or not. The background just screams candy canes and Christmas trees and gifts.

Her body on the other hand screams sex and fuck me and many other ideas that pop into your head. And the curves on her are perfect. Even though her big tits dont show nipples, and I guess that is also something that happens in this kind of art. You have to admit that she is sexy as hell and that you would love to have your hands on those tits. Or just imagine her being on top of you with those titties bouncing around.

She has perfect hips and legs as well and even though you can not see her feet. They simply could be under what appears to be ribbons and gift wrapping. But its hard to say. Over all I would say that SexMas girl is fuckable and worth the view.

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Sexmas girl

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