Three Anime girls

Check out my Three Anime girls! I really want some input on these girls. I need to know what you think and if they are hot. One of the things that I loved about the image is the fact that the girl on the left is wearing clothing. Completely covered. The girl in the center is bottom less and showing more tits. And the girl on the right is completely nude. And I love that progression.

In fact I think that it’s almost like looking at the same girl as she gets naked for new photos. She and I think that her pussy looks quite inviting and warm. So over all the AI did a great job on this photo and I want your input.

As you can see the girl on the left is literally poured into her tight little mini dress. And she looks amazing almost wearing it. The girl in the center seems to have some how lost the dress and her panties if she ever had any one. But those big titties are still covered if somewhat. The girl on the right is my favorite. Naked, curvy and showing off whats between her legs and that is a nice and tight little anime pussy.

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Three Anime Girls

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