Anime Girls in Panties

Wow. This one came out kind of hot. Even though I was not going for Anime, this image was more than I expected. Anime girls in Panties. Well it kind of looks like they are wearing panties and that makes it hot. One with her big tits out and the other with hers in a sexy as hell Bra. What’s not to love about this image. Oh yeah and its Free!

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Now. Some of the keywords used to generate this were: Realistic, Blonde, Big tits, Big eyes, Blue eyes, Cleavage, hips and ass. If you ask me it did pretty good except for the words realistic and ass. It certainly got the blonde hair, the big tits and the blue eyes. While neither set of eyes are big they are good enough. The hips are good and the cleavage and big tits are great. The ass part is completely lacking as instead we can see the girls panties and maybe her pussy. Its hard to tell by the way the panties and pussy mold together. Or maybe those panties are just that small. HOT for sure.

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Anime Girls in Panties

Hope you enjoyed this photo of these Anime Girls in Panties!

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