Sporty Blonde Chick

So the AI made this girl as well and for some reason the instant I saw her I could only think of her as a Sporty Blonde Chick. Yeah yeah I know very politically incorrect of me. Well its just what I saw. For me looking at her blonde hair, tan skin and white teeth as well as those big round tits I instantly thought beach volleyball. And that of course makes her into the perfect Sporty Blonde chick. See more like her on Live webcams

I am sure you noticed that her nipples came out a little messed up. But her hair and eyes and face are great and the round shape of those big tits is also perfect. Other than that I can just imagine the type of sporty body this girl has. Just a little muscle in her tummy that ripples under her tan skin. But with thick thighs and strong calf muscles. The perfect girl to bang in the ocean or in bed. What do you think of her?

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Sporty Blonde Chick

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