Tall curvy blonde

Now the only reference I have about this tall curvy blonde being tall. Is just my point of view of the image. But I do want your input and I want to know what you think. If she were a real woman. Would she be tall? Want to watch some live webcam girls instead? <-- Click that You can already see that she is busty and with nice curvy hips. So the last thought is, how long would her legs be and would she be considered tall or not. I personally think she is or would be and I also find her very beautiful. I think the AI Porn creator did a good job on her. Her face is beautiful and her tits are near perfect. The only real defect I see is her right hand. It almost looks like she is holding something blue. Even if at first glance you think there is something wrong with her pussy. I am here to say there is not. I actually knew girl with a pussy that looked just like this one. So go ahead and gaze at and enjoy this Tall Curvy blonde AI porn girl. You can surf around here for more AI Porn or you can click on a link for some live webcam girls. For me I like to do both! Click on the image below or a text link here for live girls.

Tall Curvy Blonde

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