Brunette Trans Girl

Ok. So once again I was trying to make a Trans girl. This brunette trans girl was the result. But for some reason the AI decided not to follow all the instructions like, Big tits, big ass, Big cock, Hung, Spread legs and big balls. Yeah I asked for all of those. I guess the AI just thought that it would be better for me or rather us to use our imaginations on the girl that it made. And I could see her has having a big cock and big balls.

As for the big tits its kind of hard to see. But she for sure fell short on the big ass part. In fact it looks to me like our brunette trans girl has no ass. And that sucks. Especially when you consider that trans girls dont have a pussy so they use their ass hole as a pussy.

So tell me guys what do you think of this Ai Porn photo? How did it do? You can either write a review below or just rate the image with the little stars. I find the ratings to be very helpful.

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Brunette trans girl

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