Thick Blonde

I will admit that this image almost worked out. One of the main Keywords was ” Thick Blonde ” And I sure as shit got exactly that. If you start out looking at the bottom of this image we can talk about what happened.

I wanted a thick blonde with a nice small pussy that was shaved. I asked for high heels and thick thighs. I also asked for big tits a flat stomach and a beautiful face. Now when looking at the image you can just make out a Black high heel. So thats a check. Then moving up you get to those thighs. WOW. Hot, thick and juicy. Check. Then we arrive at that shaved pussy. Its a bit dark but still another check mark goes to our AI.

Also got the flat stomach as you can see. It went just a little off on the big tits part as the womans tits are not the same saize. But they are big and that gives it also another check. Well done. We also happen to have gotten the long blonde hair. And its near perfect.

Big I have to ask. What the FUCK happened to her face. That is a damn trainwreck. What do you guys think? Give me some comments below and also a star rating for this image and let me know what you think.

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Thick Blonde

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