Ai girl abs

So I was working on the Ai girl abs and this photo popped out. I for one think that I did pretty well on this. Well except for the fact that the AI cut off her head when I clearly asked for a specific smile and blue eyes.

So I am taking the Ai girl abs as a win and running with that. Now all I need is your opinion! Just let me know if you think that I nailed this or not. So make comments below and let me know what you think. If you are already there and thinking its now time to see some hot live webcam girls. Well click the image. Or right here! Im sure there are a number of webcam girls showing off their abs as well.

Now this girls torso might seem a bit long but I was actually describing a girl that I know. And she has a bit of a long torso. But when you get her naked and she is standing there in front of you. She looks just like this. But when she moves you can see her ads ripple just under the surface and its sooo sexy. So go ahead and check this body out and let me know what you think!

So take a look at my Ai artwork and let me know what you think. Then Click it!
Ai girl abs

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