Naked Outdoors!

Can you imagine finding this girl naked outdoors? Yeah I know. I would be torn between just staring at her and calling for an ambulance. She is beautiful and she has an amazing set of Big tits. But even those big tits do not take away from the hand that you see as well as the leg. Both look pretty deformed. I guess that is what happens when using the Ai porn bots that are free!

Now this naked outdoors shot was not supposed to come out like this. I asked for Blonde. And I think we did pretty good in the Blonde hair department. I also asked for long legs and I think did about 50% on the long legs. One of the legs is not right. Furthermore I asked for the big tits and we see that clearly. And man those tits are nice.

The Ai porn bot did ok with the High heels as well. I did describe them as Stiletto, and they are not. However I find these heels to be just sexy enough. What do you think?

So I guess the last thing I would ask is this. Would you Hit it?!

Naked Outdoors

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