Long Brown Hair

I love long brown hair. I also love a woman with an entire head. But lets not be picky. HOWEVER! When the girl only has half a head and a beautuful mouth with a great set of tits and some amazing cleavage! Well I’m back to ok.

Take a look at this beauty. Why the AI made her with only half of her head I have no idea. But she is still hot. And for some reason those lips call out to me. And I can just imagine them sucking my cock. Well I have to imagine them because she is AI porn and not real. But I also could actually get into using that cleavage. Can you imagine titty fucking a girl like this? In fact I am finding that the AI girls are hotter than most of the real girls in may ways. In this case. Talk about Man made.

You can see that something went a little wrong with the panties and that leg. But over all this girl with Long Brown Hair is hot and looks like she would be a good fuck. So get in line. I get to go first.

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Long Brown hair

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