Red panties red lips

So with this image I am calling red panties red lips. Well things went ok with the prompts I used. I for sure got the red panties or a version there of. I deffinately got the red lips and I think they came out pretty much perfect. As for the hips I like those also. And I got a set of blue eyes. Ok. lets face it. I got blue eye. But still not bad over all. The girl looks like she is tall and in good shape and I just love those tits.

Now her big tits came out pretty much perfect. I love a set of big natural tits and this pair looks exactly that way. Round and heavy. Natural shape and perfect nipples. And I really like the natural cleavage that is formed by these big round tits. What do you guys think? Hot or not?

So Blonde, Blue eyes. Big tits and natural shape with great nipples. Curvy hips with the most interesting panties. Over all I would say a 6 out of 10 on this one in general.

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Blue eyes
Big tits
Round tits
Heavy tits
Nice pink nipples
Curvy Hips
Red panties
Red lipstick

Red Panties Red Lips

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