Thick and Juicy spread blonde

Getting to the heart of the matter is what we all want to do. And for me. A Thick and Juicy Spread blonde is the heart. Well ok. It’s the middle and I am talking about what’s between her legs. And yeah I know. This thick and juicy girl is a toon. But hell. I can wish and try to find a hot woman that more or less looks like this right? Yeah. So lets keep talking about her.

This was yet again another semi failure. At least in the pussy area. Do not get me wrong. This pussy is pink and inviting. But its also a but overly phat. Meaning that it does look like a great place to dive into but at the same time. There just might be tooo much pussy there! Jijji Yeah I know. Im a little off balance. But anyway. What do you think of our hot and thick and juicy spread blonde?

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Thick and Juicy spread blonde

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