Beach Babe

Who wants a beach babe? Yeah I think we all do. But for some reason something went wrong on this one and the Ai did a bad job. I mean don’t get me wrong. She is still pretty hot. And she has some nice tits. Just take a peek below. But things went wrong here and it’s easy to see.

This beach babe has perfect hair. And if you ask me. She has really nice eyes. Furthermore you can clearly see that she is on the beach and enjoying herself. But then things go a little off. Starting with her teeth. It looks to me like the Ai only put a set of dentures or something that just takes up her hole mouth with no cut or design.

Her boobs while big are also not the right size and shape. And the bikini while sexy just adds to the negative look of her big tits. And then her hips seem to be off a little. And even though it was supposed to be a full body shot. You can not see her feet.

Anyway. Let me know what you think of this Beach Babe. And then click the image or here for some cam girls that are real beach babes!

Beach Babe

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