Blonde in red lingerie

Yeah I know its a recurring theme on most websites. But you need to admit to yourself that a Blonde in red lingerie is one of the hottest looks ever. And the more blonde the better. Of course the less red lingerie the better as well. But during my making of this Ai porn photo I failed to tell the Ai that I wanted to see her whole body. However I feel that I got a great image and she is somewhere between a toon and a real woman. What do you think??

Some of the keywords I used are below. See if you can tell what did not happen and what did. That is if of course you can take your eyes off her beautiful cleavage! So here with go with our Blonde in Red lingerie. Click the image or right here to check out some live webcam girls!

Red Lips
Big tits
Soft tits
Full lips
Blue eyes
Long hair
Lush Hair
Full hair.

So let me know what you think. If you want me to try and design someone particular let me know. Again. Support this site by checking out the live webcam feeds by clicking on the image below!
Blonde in Red Lingerie

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