Thick Latina brunette

Its Thick Latina Brunette time. I know a lot of you guys were wondering when In was going to get away from the blondes. So Now I have a brunette for you and she is THICK! Yeah I know she is border line fat but when you are using an AI for porn. Well you take what you get and this was one of the firs in the brunette look. Oddly the AI also made her look Latina hence the name of this post.

Want to check out some hot live webcam girls. <--- Click there! She is actually quite pretty and seems to have an Asian slant to her eyes. That is super sexy and its nice to see on this girl. Her hair is almost jet black but yes that falls under brunette. She has some very big tits on her and as you can see, her nipples are a perfect color. Not to dark and not to pale. She also seems to have an innie nipple here. Not a fan but the over all hotness factor of her negates any issues with that. Her lips do look perfect and like she might be ready for some action. And as I have said. Sometimes we get the red lips sometimes we dont. But this once came out hot over all for a Thick Latina Brunette. Click on the image below to see some live webcam girls.

Thick Latina Brunette

Just so you know. If you open this image in a new window its much bigger.

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